How it works: An individual struggling with substance dependency can enter into a social detox at Switchpoint Community Resource Center. Social detox is a FREE service that prepares an individual to enter into intensive outpatient treatment. While at social detox, the individual is carefully monitored and assisted so that the client enters into transitional treatment safely. 

Social detox is done through counseling and peer recovery coaching because withdrawal symptoms can happen at any time and be severe. Concern for safety, understanding, and the physical and emotional nourishment of the patient and keeping them sober are the primary goals of social detox.

Social detox can be highly effective and help patients develop long-term sobriety.

  • Mental and Emotional Health Diagnostics –  Stressors in a person’s life usually fuel addiction. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, or trauma, the cause must be uncovered before it can be treated.
  • Recovery Group Meetings – These classes vary in size and were created so that addicts can form a close-knit system. Since they’re going through the similar experiences, the patients can relate to and support one another.
  • Attitude Training – A big part of avoiding drug and alcohol use is to have a positive outlook on life. Mindfulness is an important aspect of the guidance given.
  • Psycho-Education – Learning how to conquer dependency is vital to understanding why it is powerful and how it affects our mental health and our biology.
  • Relationships – Spotting healthy and unhealthy relationships and managing them can help prevent relapses. Likewise, patients will discover tactics for forming worthwhile bonds with family and friends.
  • Accountability – When individuals learn the importance of taking responsibility for their actions, they’re more likely to succeed on their journey to recovery.