Welcome to Crossover Recovery Center

Currently accepting Molina, Medicaid, SelectHealth, cash pay options. 

Mindful programming. Empowering staff.

Much can be gained when an individual is able to step away from his or her everyday life to focus solely on healing and recovery.

Rehabilitation begins with an in-depth assessment to determine our clients’ needs and develop a comprehensive personalized treatment plan. Crossover integrates one-on-one counseling, group therapy, life-skills building and experiential learning.

Crossover Recovery Center meets individuals exactly where they are in their recovery; teaching self-advocacy, empowerment, and helping them find purpose. Clients are carefully monitored and supported throughout their treatment.

Our Program

 Social Detox

Social Detoxification

The individual is carefully monitored and assisted. Access to social detox prepares the client to enter safely into residential treatment.


Talk Things Out

Teaches coping skills that help deal with stress and anxiety, triggers that can lead to relapse. Effective drug treatment involves different modalities of therapies including individual, group, and family to build a healthy recovery network.

Experiential Therapy

Hands-On Activity

Rather than talking with a therapist in a traditional office setting, experiential therapy sessions can take place at an art studio, a horse stable or during a hike, providing a safe place to develop healthy coping skills.